Connecting real estate expertise with client needs

Ridgewood Offices - Midland-Michigan

Central Property Development has developed properties for companies including The Dow Chemical Company, The Clorox Company, The Lubrizol Corporation, The Internal Revenue Service (LEED Certified), Greif, and a variety of other firms. We work closely with our clients to design a customized, functional, and sensible property management plan and perspective.

Central Property Development fulfills our clients’ needs, meets their demands and tackles their varied challenges while working with tight budgets and narrow timelines.

From small retail spaces and cozy offices to large industrial facilities and expansive warehouses, our projects carry the unique signature of our clients’ specific and specialized needs. We often continue as building owners and managers because our interest in the success of each project goes beyond a simple fee-for-service. We are proud to develop real estate assets that will not only meet the economical and physical requirements of our client but also those that bring continued value to us as owners.

Please contact Terri Drenth, President, for more information.